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Bail Bonds You Can Count On in Denver,Colorado

After an arrest, you need a qualified bail bonding company to help you get out fast. Turn to our company Denver, Colorado And Serving The Surrounding Metro Area, for fast bail bonds services.

What happens after an arrest? When someone is arrested, they have several options for release. One option is to post a bail bond. Bail is designed to guarantee that the defendant will be in court on the day and time set by the judge.

Bails Bondsmen

A bail bondsman may consider a client's current situation when arranging for a bail bond. Payment options can include checks, credit/debit cards, or cash. The bonding company will require some form of credit or collateral to secure the bond. The person who secures a bail bond agrees to pay the licensed bail agent a fee for bail services. An example of a $10,000 bail bond, the person who is responsible for this bond will pay the $1,000 dollar bond fee and any corresponding jail fee's.

We are a 24-hour service. We assist with all crimes: DUI, DWI, traffic, domestic, felonies, and misdemeanors.

Additional Costs May Include:
  • Required Posting Fees
  • Bounty Agentt or Recovery Fees Plus Expenses (Skipping Bail)
  • Full Payment of the Bond if the Defendant Fails to Appear in Court
  • Any Attorney Fees or Court Costs
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